The Importance of Detoxing

The focus of a detox is to clean up the gut first, and follow with cleaning out our stored fat, organs, blood and the lymphatic system. If our gut is not working well, we do not assimilate vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates or proteins.

We live in a world filled with chemicals. Many of us use products laced with chemicals; to smell good, soften our skin, and treat our blemishes; our skin soaks up these chemicals every day.  Chemicals are in our water, our air, our food (including the packaging) and in our hygiene products.  We pick up parasites from our food and surroundings that take up residence in our bodies along with things such as mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.  All of these foreign materials tax our body's resources and interfere with optimum health. The purpose of a detox is to cleanse the body of these foreign substances along with accumulated waste in order to optimize healthy bodily functions and healing.

Cleaning out the gut involves moving out the waste, while providing the body with maximum nutrition that does not tax the digestive system.  The goal is to fill our gut with prebiotics, probiotics, and easily digestible foods. This is the reason just about every detox plan eliminates animal protein during the detox.

For an optimum detox, it is imperative to ensure our bodies are not overburdened during the process, this means focusing on easily digested foods and drinking ample amounts of clean water, smoothies, made with vegetables and high quality nutritional powders are an excellent way to flood the body with nutrients while allowing the digestive tract to rest.  Prebiotic vegetable based foods help the good bacteria in the gut to thrive while probiotics also help increase their population.

Many toxins are stored in the fat and as they are released into our bloodstream, our bodies it is a burden on our bodies, therefore, we must flush our bodies with lot of fluids to help it dispose of these toxins. Spring water with lemon juice, cranberry juice, and cayenne powder sipped throughout the day is an excellent addition to your cleanse.

Movement is a necessity to get the lymphatic system revved up and and cleaned out, but go at it easily during a detox and limit your exercise to rebounding and walking, both of which will help your lymph move. Detoxing a minimum of twice a year is suggested. Whether you complete a 3-day cleanse or splurge on a 2 weeks detox, your body will be grateful.